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Gear Box Elements
The HUMBER split-transmitting principle has been successfully implemented in the HUMBER gearbox. With the digital online monitoring system, each gearbox is assembled with precision positioning for torque balance. The gearboxes are manufactured for HUMBER using CNC machine tools. Each gearbox is guaranteed by HUMBER itself. The specific torque factor is up to 10.3Nm/cm3, which features the gearbox properties in a twin-screw extruder. Higher factor means transmitting greater output force to the screws.
Screw Elements

SAT series extruders feature an excellent self-wiping function. Under the condition of balance between screw torque and screw channel volume, OD/ID is determined to be 1.55. All screw elements are connected through the axial splines, the best nitriding steel with special heat treatment or highly anti-abrasive tool alloy with vacuum quenching treatment are available as options. Additionally, special stainless steel could be required when heavy corrosion occurs for particular applications,The most advanced screw milling machines are employed to manufacture the screw elements ensuring a very high degree of precision and surface finish.Good segment interchange is convenient for both modifying the configuration and reducing down time.

Barrel Elements
SAT series extruders are equipped with fully modular barrel elements and all elements dependant on process technology are connected together by high tensile bolts. Nitrided steel barrels could be equipped for normal process tasks and the bimetal linear barrels are preferred for high abrasive tasks. The bimetal linear is coated with a special alloy. SAT series barrels utilise the latest design of cooling channels inside to make the cooling efficient and rapid. The barrels have extreme smoothness and high precision made from the special machines. The high interchangeable features make it easy to replace or adjust when required.
Overload Protection
Torque limiter the overload protection torque limiter applied for instant protection for gearbox and extrusion units. This will be helpful for sudden surges in mechanical load. Precise speed difference sensors and control panel. There are two sensors between the motor side and gearbox side that will transfer a digital signal to the control system once any readable speed difference occurs. Electrical overload protection of the main drive motor is also incorporated.

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